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Who we are

Ghana Army Anthem

    - We are the Gallant Soldiers of the Ghana Army
    - Born, nurtured by our forefathers
    - Firm strong resolute
    - To defend Ghana against external aggression
    - To ensure the development of Ghana
    - Together we fight for global peace
    - Ghana Army, Professionalism!
    - Discipline our bed rock!
    - Fight the good fight
    - Fight the good fight
    - No Retreat, No Surender!

Ghana Army Pledge

    - I am a professional soldier of the Ghana Army
    - Faithful and loyal to the Army and my country
    - I pledge to remain disciplined, tough & fearless
    - I know no defeat and I am a hard nut to crack
    - I am combat ready to protect and defend
    - My country anytime anywhere
    - You can count on me for
    - I am a Professional soldier of the Ghana Army.

Ghana Army Pledge

Professionalism and Loyalty