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6 Infantry Battalion


Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Yao Agbeko Ankuyi enlisted into the Ghana Military Academy in October 2003 and was commissioned into the Ghana Army as part of Regular Career Course Intake 45 on 2 September 2005.

He is a graduate from the Cambridge International College, Jersey, United Kingdom and the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration. He has a background in international relations and Business administration (Human Resource Management). He is a graduate of the Joint Intelligence College in Strasbourg, France where he did his Junior Military Intelligence Course. He also graduated from the Centre of Excellence Defence against Terrorism, Ankara (Turkey) where he pursued a course in Counter Terrorism. He holds certificates in Defence, Conflict and Crisis Management.

Lt Col Jerry Ankuyi has done all his military career courses commensurate with his rank. He has participated in United Nations Peace Keeping Operations in various countries. He worked as a Staff Officer at the Joint Operations Centre at the Force Headquarters during his Peacekeeping Operation in South Sudan from April 2018 to April 2019.

He started his military career at 3 Infantry Battalion in Sunyani where he served for 9 years in various appointments before he was posted to the Ghana Military Academy in March 2016 and spent 6 years as an instructor. He was the Course Commander for Regular Career Course Intakes 57 and 59. Lt Col Ankuyi has held some key appointments such as Assistant Director Army Operations at the Army Headquarters from August 2020 to July 2021. He was posted from the Army Headquarters in July 2021 to 6 Infantry Battalion as Commander Rear and he served in this appointment until August 2022 when he was appointed Acting Commanding Officer and later confirmed as the substantive Commanding Officer on 26 January 2023.

Lt Col Ankuyi is married with two children. He enjoys reading books on leadership and international relations, writing research papers, mentoring young officers, keeping fit and gardening.

Brief History of 6 Infantry Battalion

Pre-World War II

6 Infantry Battalion Was First Ever Raised At Accra On 01 November 1941 Under Lt Col LG Dickson. It Was Designated A Training Battalion Till July 1941 And Was Called 6 Gold Coast Regiment (GCR). It Was The Duty Of The Bn To Train Troops For The World War II. The Unit Was Relocated Several Times During Its Formative Years. It Was Stationed At Takoradi During August 1941 – August 1944. It Moved To Kintampo In August 1944 – August 1945 And Later To Kumasi In August 1945 – O1 July 1946. The Bn Was Disbanded In 1946 As Part Of The Post World War II Reforms Programme.

Post World War II

In Feb 1964, The President, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, As Part Of Post-Independence Expansion Programme Gave The Assent To Form An Extra Infantry Battalion To Defend The Country Against Internal And External Aggression. On 15 May 1964, The Unit Was Formed At Ranchi Barracks, Takoradi Under The Command Of Lt Col AK Ocran, With Lt KB Agbo As The Adjutant; The Majority Of The Troops Were Posted In From AFTC Kumasi. However, WOs, SNCOs And NCOs Were Posted From Other Units. The Total Unit Strength Was 1000 All Ranks. It Consisted Of An HQ Coy, Sp Coy, Four Rifle Coys A, B, C And D. The Unit Was Presented With Its Colours In 1968, By The Late Lt Gen JA Ankrah Then C-In-C At Harcourt Lines, Takoradi. The Unit Was Assigned Western And Central Regions As Its Internal Security Area Of Responsibility.

In Jan 1971 The Unit Moved From Ranchi Barracks And Took Over Kamina Barracks, Tamale, From ABF As Part Of Battalion Rotation At That Time. Before The Unit Left Takoradi, Lt Col Akuffo Was The CO. However, Lt Col EKT Donkor And WOI Ali Nakyia Who Were ABF CO And RSM Respectively Became The CO And RSM When The Unit Came To Tamale. As Part Of The Reorganization In The Army, The Unit Was Designated 6 Training Battalion In 1984. The CO Was Lt Col TE Nguah. In 1986, The Unit Was Reverted To 6 Infantry Battalion With Lt Col Nick Sowatey As The CO. At The Moment The Unit Consists Of An HQ Coy, SP Coy, Three Rifle Coys A, B, And C.


The Unit Motto Is “6 We Can”. It Was Instituted In 1988 By Lt Col N Sowartey (22nd CO). It Means There Is No Task, Which Is Above The Unit


The Unit Slogan Is “Discipline –Success”. It Was Instituted By Lt Col EB Sarfo (23rd CO). The Unit Anthem Was Composed By WOII Ernest Addy, The Title Is “Success Is Our Goal”.

  • Not By Our Might But God’s Grace.
  • Success Is Our Goal.
  • Discipline Is Our Bedrock.
  • We Can Always Fight And Win.
  • With Love We Live In Unity.
  • And Solid As A Family.
  • Great 6 Bn, Success Is Our Goal.


The Emblem Consists Of A Bow And Arrow With The Motto And Slogan Of The Unit Inscribed On Top And Below Against The Unit Colour Of Deep Orange. It Was Designed In 1988 By The Then RSM, WOI Opoku Justice.


The First Mascot, A Ram, Christened L/Cpl Prince Charles Was Presented By Lt Col PSA Twumasi Ankrah (13th CO) To This Unit In 1977. The Mascot Died After A Few Months.


The Unit Is Decorated By The Following Battle Honours, Ashanti 1873 –74, Narungumbe; Kamina; Cameroons 1914 – 16, Ashanti 1900 And Duala.